Padmavat Box Office Collection 21st Day Total 3rd Wednesday Worldwide 20th Day Earning

Padmavat Box Office Collection 12th Day Total 2nd Monday Worldwide 13th Day Earning

Padmavat Box Office Collection 18th Day Total 3rd Sunday Worldwide 19th Day Earning: After too many problems, Padmavat movie is released on 25 January 2018 worldwide. The movie is still not released in four states in India due to fear of Karni Sena protest and threats. The movie is the focus of center due to Karni Sena from last 4 months. The movie also postponed from 1st December 2017 to 2018. Now Padmavat box office collection is getting a huge response all over the world. Padmavat worldwide collection report also very amazing and it is the people love an art. Bhansali’s depiction of Rajput valor is majestic, picturesque and overwhelming. The grand sets, detailing of the costumes and culturally distinctive music make it a must watch. Ranveer’s portrayal of Khilji adds another dimension to the movie, he stole the show. Shahid Kapoor’s acting is crisp. Deepika as Raani Padmavati lacked conviction and isn’t as charismatic as we hoped for. Do not compare with Bajirao Mastani since both have different storylines and emotions. For what it takes Bajirao mastani is still better than Padmavat. Get the Padmavat box office collection from here. Here we have Padmavat Twenty-first day and Twentieth day earning kamai business report. Also read Padmavat movie reviews, ratings and Audience response, Hit or flop.

Padmavat Box Office Collection 2nd Day Total Friday Worldwide 1st Day Earning

Lates Update: Padmavat [Week 3] Fri 3.50 cr, Sat 6.30 cr, Sun 8 cr, Mon 3.20 cr. Total: ₹ 257 cr. India biz.

Padmavat Box Office Collection

Epic movie, Epic Climax, Epic direction, perfect star cast. In fact best movie of the decade.
Award-winning performance by most of the character. There is nothing bad about Rajput, do not know why they are still protesting. They should watch a movie that they would feel proud of a movie made in their glory. History is perfectly in his place. In, fact Rajput’s were glorified. The way Khillji portrayed it looked outstanding as we studied in history. Every character is well portrayed. Padmavat box office collection is opened worldwide and getting a very awesome response. Padmavat budget is around 200 Cr and the total screen counts are 5000+. Check Padmavat day 21 overseas income report. Also get daywise padmavat box office collection report from the following data.

Padmavat Special Paid Screening Collection (Wednesday): 5 Cr

Padmavat 1st day collection (Thursday): 19 Cr

Padmavat 2nd day collection (Friday): 32 Cr

Padmavat 3rd day collection (Saturday): 27 Cr

Padmavat 4th day collection (Sunday): 31 Cr

Padmavat 5th day collection (Monday): 15 Cr

Padmavat 6th day collection (Tuesday): 14 Cr

Padmavat 7th day collection (Wednesday): 12.50 Cr

Padmavat 8th day collection (2nd Thursday): 11 Cr

Padmavat 9th day collection (2nd Friday): 10 Cr

Padmavat 10th day collection (2nd Saturday): 16 Cr

Padmavat 11th day collection (2nd Sunday): 20 Cr

Padmavat 12th day collection (2nd Monday): 13 Cr

Padmavat 13th day collection (2nd Tuesday): 7 Cr

Padmavat 14th day collection (2nd Wednesday): 6 Cr

Padmavat 15th day collection (3rd Thursday): 5.50 Cr

Padmavat 16th day collection (3rd Friday): 3.50 Cr

Padmavat 17th day collection (3rd Saturday): 6.30 Cr

Padmavat 18th day collection (3rd Sunday): 8 Cr

Padmavat 19th day collection (3rd Monday): 3.30 Cr

Padmavat 20th day collection (3rd Tuesday): 3.30 Cr

Padmavat 21st day collection (3rd Wednesday): 3 Cr

Padmavat Tota 21 Days box office collection (Third Week): 260 Cr

Check: Padmaavat Box office collection

Total Padmavat Twentieth Day 3rd Tuesday Overseas Gross Earning

Everything looks pretty in this magnificent period film. As with all Sanjay Leela Bhansali films, this one too is visually stunning and flawless, architectural, sartorial and human.
Both Ranveer and Deepika kick arse in their respective roles. They didn’t play the roles, they lived them. Ranveer Singh appears to have bowed completely to Bhansali’s vision of Khilji. No one else could have played the demonic Allaudin Khilji better than him. Deepika depicts the Rani Sa with such elegance and manages to gracefully light up the screen with just her presence. Her teary eyes do all the talking in each and every scene. Aditi Rao Hydari looked the epitome of grace and elegance throughout. The unmatched Sanjay Leela Bhansali is definitely an asset to the Indian Cinema. Padmavat is not only a stunning looking film, it’s a well-structured journey too. Kudos to SLB for his magnificent creative vision and for the epic treat. Get Total worldwide Padmavat box office collection from here.

(DAY 20) Total Padmavat 20 Days 3rd Tuesday total worldwide collection: 425 Cr Expected

Padmavat movie reviews, ratings, and audience response

Padmavat Movie Review – The wait is worth. Movies like this are made once in a lifetime
Right from Direction, the penultimate glorifying dialogues of Rajputs, the screenplay, the impeccable background score, the spectacular visual appeal and the individual performance of all the lead actors especially Deepika and Ranveer Singh are best till date. Ranveer as khilji is forceful, raw, ruthless and the level of the madness of has put his teeth into the character and his looks face and emotions will take you to another level of pagalpanti yet he is being smart and witty.

The only let down in this movie would be the action sequence which is not that high as this is a love story Shahid Kapoor, we felt a let down compared to Deepika and Ranveer, and could not truly justify the character of Rana Ratan Singh. Deepika is spectacular with her beauty dialogues and her character as queen Padmavati is truly justified The story is high on drama and the respect for Rajputs will rise more after watching this epic tale There is one song khalballi and ranveer singh as khilji has put all his energy and madness in this song and you will love it beautifully choreographed spectacular visuals and expressions that will give you fear.

Padmavat Movie Rating: 4.5/5 stars.

There are a lot of scenes where you are sure to get goosebumps. This movie will make your day. A visual treat off course must watch. We hope that Padmavat box office collection will get surely a huge earning at BOC all over the world. For more latest reviews and movie box office earning, stay tuned with us.


  1. Today I watched Padmavat movie and didn’tt find any objectionable scene in movies. Shows valour of Rajputs. Deepika and Ranveer role is mindblowing.

  2. Must watch. Salute to Bhansaliji for such a wonderful treat. Each frame is worth watching right from first shot of Deepika running behind harni to last johar shot.


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